Our ranch is located in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country just west of Fredericksburg, Texas.  After searching for the perfect place to spend the coming years and to raise and breed our wonderful Morgan horses, we knew this place was "it" from the moment we arrived on the property.  We have completely renovated our wonderful 1930’s house and have put endless time and labor into making the ranch the perfect environment for our beloved Morgans.

Having traveled all over the country, carefully selecting the mares for our breeding program and also to locate the studs initially used for beginning our breeding program, our herd is now the perfect group of horses for creating the best of the best of Morgan Horses.  We look forward to offering people a chance to find their dream horse among our horse family and foals.

Your visit is welcomed, but please contact us to make an appointment to stop by and see the results of our endeavor for yourself!

Cecil on JMF Whispering Wind (Whisper)

Cecil and Pamela
Cecil and Pamela at the 2015 BBQ

James Reed (Ranch Foreman) with RMH Bandito Gold (Bandit)